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Exposed: Is DP Gachagu’s linked company behind the miserable life behind an elderly man ? Sources says his land being grabbed

  • John Micheal Ohas
  • Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua
  • Wamunyoro
  • Karandi farm Ltd
  • Peter Nduati Mbugua and Pauline Mulinge
  • Wamunyoro Investment Ltd

John Micheal Ohas, has raised alarm over what he terms as a serious plot to grab his land by Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua through his proxies companies.

Wamunyoro Investment Limited and other companies are linked to Gachagua our documents confirm and to hit the nail on the head its alledgly believed that some senior Ministry of Lands officials are siding with the DP to deprive off the elderly and sickly Ohas his land.

When reached for comment on the matter, Ohas said that the case was in court but called on the Judiciary to prioritise the matter.

He is currently on Oxygen and sickly, he says that the case has dragged in court for over 15 years.

” This case has dragged in court for over 15 years, I want it settled so that i can go back home and arrange how my family will stay,” he said.

He added that only just was his desire

” I just want justice for my land, i can collapse anytime and my health is not in good condition, i have already testified in court,” he said.


According to court papers in our possesion, The deputy president through his company by the name Karandi farm Ltd conspired by land’s officials to defraud Ohas land in the year 2002 by stealing title deed plan no.192966 from Ohas/columbus two thousand Ltd file No.157048.

Our investigations shows that DP and team alledgly went ahead to hide and destroy ohas file No.157048, forged/falsified and back dated their letter of allotment to 1999 in the names of Karandi farm Ltd, Peter Nduati Mbugua and Pauline Mulinge.

The probe further shows that , On the year 2002 Gachagua led team opened their file No.242510 and went ahead to register a grant in their favour using the deed plan no.192966 of Ohas /columbus two thousand Ltd which they had stolen while under the custody of the commissioner of lands.
Our probe shows that to conceal the corruption deed, To conceal the evidence the directors (Mr. Rigathi Gachagua and Mrs. Dorcus Gachagua) of Karandi farm Ltd, Peter Nduati Mbugua and Pauline Mulinge conspired by then commissioner of lands by the name Mr. Samy Mwaita through pretence that fraudulent grant LR NO.90923 had been lost.

The aim was to reconstruction of a new register to conceal the evidence further and the Reconstruction of the register was initiated vide “Deed of Indemnity ” registered on 26th April, 2011.

They then alledgly used some lands official to fix their plan and On 18th June, 2012 under the day book number 1386 with help of lands officials the suit property land lr no. 209/12077 was transferred from the directors ( Mr. Rigathi Gachagua and Mrs. Dorcus Gachagua) of Karandi farm Ltd to directors ( Mr. Rigathi Gachagua and Mrs. Dorcus Gachagua) of Wamunyoro Investment Ltd at At a consideration of kshs 24,000,000.

On 27th June,2013 and 18th June, 2016 under daybook No.636 directors of Wamunyoro investment Ltd charged/secured loan from equity bank of kshs 200,000,000 using the suit property hence committing an illegality.

There is no gazzetment that was done to show that the land was relocated to Gachagua

Our investigations shows that in 1996, the commisioner of lands accepted the payment of Ohas meaning Ohas’ lands entered a legal binding agreement.

Ohas predicament under Gachagua does not end here, our investigations shows that on 24th and 25th March, 2023 and subsequent arrests and alignment in court of Mr. Ohas family members by DCI officers leading to criminalisation of a civil matter in court which was a way of harassing, intimidating, coercing and and an illegal act.


The arrests and intimidations of Ohas were initiated by attorney General office i. e. Mr. Allan Kamau .

However , According to the court papers Gachagua, through his lawyer Philip Nyachoti, claims that the Ohas during his tenure at the land Ministry, tampered with land office records in order to deprive him of his land as entitled by the Law.

He claims that the property has been charged to Equity Bank as collateral for various financial facilities granted to him totaling Sh200 million.


“Wamunyoro has always been the legal owner of the disputed property, but Ohas and his company Colombus Two Thousand purposefully tampered with the records at the lands office in December 2019 so that any official search on the property now indicates that Colombus is the registered owner,” Gachagua says.

Gachagua claims that Ohas caused a parallel title to be issued to his company Colombus in an irregular and unlawful manner.
Ohas denied the said accusations, he said that Gachagua was using his powers to grab his land.


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